Preventative Maintenance Program



YC Power Systems offers preventive maintenance service plans for all major brands of industrial standby generators. We can provide a custom service plan for all of your generator makes and models in accordance with the appropriate service manual specification. We check the 41 most critical points that affect the reliability of a generator system. 40+ Point Inspection


  1. Load Bank Testing – Using a Load Bank tester which simulates a load, the generator will be tested to see if it is producing power to specifications (standard test is for 1 hr)
  2. Transfer Switch Testing – Ensures the proper operation and compliance of your equipment.
  3. Fuel Polishing – Cleaning of valuable fuel source to ensure proper operation of generator unit.
  4. Additional Visual Inspection and Run Test – Offering that extra insurance that a unit is ready to deliver. Customers set the desired frequency. (Ex. Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annually)
  5. Fuel Sample Analysis – For oil, fuel and coolant


Fuel stored for 6 months or more will degrade naturally, accumulate water from condensation, and grow bacteria (among other things). Many things can accumulate inside an unused diesel tank causing the diesel to turn to sludge. Stagnate diesel can become an unreliable fuel source creating an unreliable generator power source.


Yale Chase Power Systems is proud to offer Preventive Maintenance Service Agreements

Our Agreement Benefits

  • Priority response over non-agreement customers
  • Pre-scheduled appointments
  • Lower locked in rates with consistent cost over non-agreement customers
  • Labor rate savings on non-maintenance related repairs
  • Detailed reports from our technicians
  • Consistent annual agreement dates

Preventive Maintenance Agreement Includes:

Inspection Service – includes the 40+ point inspection.

  • 40+ Point inspection above plus
  • System testing of air, lubricating, fuel, electrical, controls, & transfer switch.
  • Oil change with filter
  • Fuel filter change (only for diesel applications)
  • Coolant testing and treatment if radiator cooled

Full Service – performed every third year includes:

  • 40+ Point Inspection plus
  • All Basic Service items plus
  • Replacement of belts and hoses
  • Replacement of battery
  • Replacement of coolant
  • Replacement of air filter

Optional Services:

  • Load Bank Testing – An annual test using a Load Bank device. This will assure you that your generator can carry 100% of its rated output.
  • Fuel Polishing Service – Cleans your diesel fuel and the inside of your fuel tank to remove water, bacteria, and sludge that could cause your generator to fail when needed the most. (For diesel tanks under 2000 gallons)
  • Megger Testing
  • Infrared Camera Testing
  • Vibration Testing

Preventive Maintenance Inspection

Air System:
Clean / Replace Air Cleaner Element
Check Complete Air System for Deficiencies
Clean / Change Oil in Bath Filter
Check Turbocharger Shaft End Play
Check / Tighten Turbocharger Mounting Bolts

Lubricating System:
Change Engine Oil & Oil Filter
Change Hydraulic Governor Oil
Clean / Replace Crank case Breather
Check Complete Engine for Oil leaks
Check PVC Valve

Cooling System:
Inspect / Replace All Belts & Hoses
Check / Fill coolant level
Test Specific Gravity of Anti-Freeze
Change Corrosion resistor element (Full PM Only)
Check Complete System for Coolant leaks
Check Block Heater & Thermostat
Lube Fan Hub

Fuel System:
Inspect day tank & fuel inside tank
Check / Replace Fuel Filter(s)
Check Operation of Governor
Clean Fuel Pump Screen
Check Fuel Lines for leaks

Electrical System:
Check / Clean & tighten all electrical connections
Check electrolyte level of batteries
Check operation of all sending units
Inspect / Replace points, condenser & plus (Full PM Only)
Inspect ignition system
Check / Set Timing (Full PM Only)
Check Operation of battery charger; replace blown fuses

Controls / Test / Transfer Switch:
Check oil, start, warm-up, oil pressure
Check Amps & Volts per leg
Check frequency
Adjust frequency & voltage as required
Check Exhaust system for leaks
Check timing sequence on cranking cycles
Check operation of transfer switch
Check engine / Generator controls settings
Start engine from test position
Start engine from automatic position
Check all alarm systems
Inspect / Replace pilot lights

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