Paralleling Systems/MPS


Get Multi-megawatt Power from Multiple Generators

When a single large generator set doesn’t meet your application requirements, Generac’s paralleling systems provide flexible, multi-megawatt power solutions. Install each unit where it best suits the application. Invest in only as much power as you need now, and add more in the future. Even mix and match fuel types. Depending upon the configuration, you can enjoy up to 99.999% reliability.



An Integrated Approach to Generator Paralleling

Generac’s MPS is an integrated approach to generator paralleling, and is cost competitive with large single gensets and traditional paralleling systems. Advantages are redundancy, flexibility and scalability in a modular type paralleling system.



There was a time when getting high kilowatt—even megawatt—standby power meant buying the biggest generator you could afford. Not anymore. Generac’s Modular Power Systems (MPS) boast a rate of up to 99.9999% reliability, and they are more cost-effective and flexible than single generators with the same load capacity.


Reliability Through Redundancy

In most single-generator applications, the loads needing the highest degree of reliability are only a fraction of the generator’s total capacity. Given the typical load factors in most applications and the potential for minimal load shedding as needed, an MPS solution can easily offer system redundancy without increasing capacity—a significant advantage over single generator solution.


Because each module is designed to easily integrate with an existing MPS, there is no need to install more power than you currently need. This reduces capital investment requirements. Simply add more modules as power requirements increase.

Installation Flexibility

MPS generators can be located where a comparably powered single genset can’t, so space can be better utilized. The light weight of the generators makes them easier to move and place.Weight distribution makes rooftop installations possible, and a low profile allows for parking garage installations. And less electrical space is required because of the elimination of switchgear and large external panel boards.

Easier Serviceability

If one module of the system is down for service, the other units continue to provide system critical, backup power support. This protects the user from the potential losses that would occur if the power failed during equipment maintenance.

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