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New 500kW Spark-ignited Generator Set Expands Natural Gas Offering

  • December 17, 2015

The demand for larger, natural gas-powered products continues to grow both domestically and internationally. To meet this growing need, Generac unveiled its new 500kW natural gas gen-set, now the largest unit in the company’s broad spark-ignited industrial generator line.

Powering the new unit is a 25.8 L, 12-cylinder Generac engine that is turbocharged and aftercooled, producing a standby power rating of 500kW and prime power rating of 450kW. Previously, the largest nat-gas generator set Generac offered was standby rated at 400kW.

The new 500kW natural gas node was recently featured in the November issue of Diesel Progress, an issue that highlighted the latest advancements in power generation tools and systems. That article can be viewed in its entirety here.

Ideal for large standby power applications such as office buildings and mission critical data centers, the 500kW natural gas unit can be installed as a single engine generator set, or as part of Generac’s Modular Power Systems if generator paralleling is required for increased reliability, redundancy and flexibility, as well as greater scalability to accommodate future growth.

The new 500kW natural gas unit increases Generac’s effectiveness in meeting the growing demand for spark-ignited products in the U.S., and is also attractive to many of the global markets – where diesel fuel quality is low or the supply is limited – the company serves. For this reason, the demand for cleaner-burning industrial generators continues to grow worldwide.

Natural gas is a continuous, highly reliable fuel source even in the most common emergency situations. Additionally, it is recognized as a clean-burning fuel that easily meets EPA clean air standards, and – thanks to lower fuel costs and reduced maintenance – is often more cost-effective to operate than diesel-fueled alternatives.

Generac is recognized as the natural gas leader in the backup power industry, having been honored this past year by Frost & Sullivan with the prestigious Company of the Year Award. The company was cited for its contributions to the North American natural gas gen-set industry, including product innovations that have made gaseous-fueled generators more powerful and increasingly cost-effective, in addition to developing innovative solutions for industrial, commercial, residential and mobile applications that rely on natural gas. For a video that shares details about Generac’s accomplishments that led to the Frost & Sullivan award, click here.

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