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New Paralleling Options Boost Application Flexibility

  • November 6, 2015

Generac is providing Modular Power Systems (MPS) enhancements for:

  • Off-Board Paralleling – Supports larger 208V applications that utilize generators with rated output greater than 1000 amps
  • Large Diesel Products – Offers the market the integrated paralleling benefits of MPS on larger 800 to 2000 kW gensets
  • Multiple Breakers – Provides greater flexibility in meeting code requirements for the separation of circuits necessary for emergency and fire pump loads.

Off-Board Paralleling

To better support our customers’ needs for larger (+300 kW) 208V applications and other unique situations, Generac offers support for off-board paralleling on select MPS nodes. This allows you to order an MPS solution that does not include an integrated paralleling switch. In this configuration, the MPS controls will still perform all the integrated paralleling functionality. The generator mounted paralleling switch which is normally included is instead replaced with an externally mounted insulated case paralleling breaker.

This option is available on traditional Generac MPS units in 400 to 600 kW diesel configurations and natural gas configurations greater than 300kW. The externally mounted insulated case paralleling breakers can be sourced through your local Generac dealer as part of the generator quotation or they could be sourced externally for integration into an emergency generator distribution panel. Please coordinate the specific breaker requirements with your supporting industrial dealer.

Large Diesel Products (MPS Product Line Expansion)

Reaffirming Generac’s continued commitment to integrated paralleling, we are pleased to announce the expansion of the MPS product line to include generators 800 to 2000 kW. These units will be configured for integrated paralleling through Generac’s I-panel genset controller and an on-generator insulated case breaker.

This configuration provides system designers an alternative choice to the external paralleling, switchgear based configurations that are also supported with the 800 kW and larger products. This MPS configuration for these larger units is also available with a Power Manager System Controller (PM-SC). It is a feature that provides system level local and remote monitoring of all the generators in addition to supporting permissive and load shed logic.

Multiple Breakers on MPS Units

Generac now offers a secondary breaker option on select MPS generators. This solution looks and feels like a traditional multi-breaker configuration on single generator configurations, while still supporting the MPS parallel operation. This option allows you to configure an emergency system or fire pump breaker to be located on the opposite side from the generator’s main output — integrated paralleling switch.

This secondary breaker approach meets “separation of circuits” requirements on many projects without the need to use a connection box or multi-section distribution panel. The secondary breaker will be fed directly from the alternator output. This avoids having to selectively coordinate through the alternator’s main output breaker. The breaker’s current draw will be captured by the generators CT’s resulting in maintaining the standard MPS generator load balancing functionality. Since the loads connected to this secondary breaker will be allocated to a single generator, this solution may not be the right choice for all applications.

This optional configuration is available on traditional Generac MPS units in a diesel configuration of 400 to 600 kW and natural gas configurations greater than 250kW.

If you have questions or need assistance with a specific application, please contact your local Generac Industrial Power dealer.

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